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Hogging The Limelight

Fat Cat Roly Steals The Show

News out this week of Roly Poly the 'rescued' Hedgehog fed on cat food has caused a bit of a stir at Paleo Works HQ. For through no fault of his own, Roly has inadvertently provided yet more evidence of the biological results of consuming manufactured foods and the damaging effects they produce.
Roly the Hedgehog has appeared in the national press this week due to being so large he cannot even coil up to defend himself as is normal for hedgehogs..

Roly began to pile on extra layers of fat as a result of being fed processed cat food by a couple from Somerset.  The Minehead couple found Roly in their garage at the end of 2011. It looked as though Roly was about to see the winter through by hibernating in the couples garage, though he looked too thin to survive so they took him indoors and placed him on a diet of 'cat food' with disastrous effects. For Roly has gone from being a little underweight to being what is probably the worlds first morbidly obese hedgehog. There, did you ever think you would see those three words used in the same sentence?

Weighing in at an incredible 4.5lbs he is almost three times the normal weight for an adult hedgehog due to the abnormal foods he had been given to build him up. It's very unlikely the couple who fed him in this way had any idea of the damage they were doing to him as they had merely given him 'cat food', nothing wrong with that you say. Well actually there is, but of course what they didn't realise is that in most so called 'cat foods' are ingredients totally unsuitable for cats, not to mention a hedgehog.
What do we mean by that? well as with all processed foods whether for us humans or our pets, you find various waste products, cereal grains, soya, sugar and a whole host of chemicals that serve only to disrupt hormone production, leading to problems like obesity and diabetes were faced with today.

Though Roly's story is unusual in that he's a wild animal, the sad fact is that this kind of scenario is becoming common place wherever you find people being responsible for feeding animals.
Did you know that 'man' is the planets only chronically sick animal? That is except for those animals who rely on man for food, these animals are of course our pets including livestock kept for food. If you take a moment to look at the next dog you see walking down the street, there's an increasing chance that animal will be over weight. Why is this? It's pretty simple really and our attempt to create cheap food is at the heart of it.

You see the only reason no other animal except man (including the beasts he cares for) becomes over weight, is that no other animal strays from the diet it is designed to eat, e.g. You will not see tigers gorging on fruit or rabbits tearing flesh fresh from a kill, why? Well of course the simple yet shocking answer is that if they did it would have a dramatic and catastrophic effect on their biochemistry, the result of which could potentially  spell the end of them as a species.

Sounds dramatic though it's precisely what we are doing to ourselves (and the creatures we care for) every day by consuming a high carbohydrate diet of processed foods (typical British diet). We all need to wake up and understand, when we or our pets consume manufactured foods, it has consequences...dramatic ones.

It's clear that as a species  we're not as clever as we thought we we're because we believed we could make food, then we believed we could make cheap food.

We can't...It's not Food!

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