Wednesday, June 13

Greengrocer Love

True story: I stopped at the green grocers on my way home tonight, searching for veg for tea -  something tasty and filling and I happened upon a very large pointy vegetable the like of which I had never seen before.  Pointing towards the shelf  I asked the lady green grocer what that thing was over there that looked like a...."knob?" she kindly offered, finishing off my sentence for me. "That's my husband" she replied "No, the vegetable in the corner?"  I asked again. "Yes" she replied eye's narrowing, "that's him.." I flashed a winning smile and paid my money, taking my purchase with me. It was a horse radish by the way! 

On another note we had a very easy tea tonight.  Burgers made from minced beef, onion, free range eggs (brought from the local farmer,extra large double yolkers) and a light sprinkling of herbs.  We added a little light mix of fried mushrooms and tomatoes in coconut oil.  Sweet potato chips for the kids and a fresh green salad.  To serve we balanced the mix onto the burgers and topped with a fried egg for us adults and for the kids we added some cheese slices! 

Every one satisfied except for Mike who has just seen the ding in the car where I caught the wall and is not happy! Uh oh its going to be a long night.....................

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Gill said...

Your easy tea sounds delish, tell mike not to worry about the ding, I always tell my hubby that at least its the car that got the ding not me, and I'm more important !!!!