Saturday, June 16

Faileo Paleo (or the Yorkshire Pudding Trials)

Somewhere I had heard the term "faileo paleo"
When I searched the internet, it appeared that it was the term coined for all those chocolate brownie "lookie likie" moments that we all go through adjusting to this paleo life..Its where you spend your money on fancy flours (that in your previous life you would only have used to paper walls) in the vain hope that their mysterious gluten free-properties will somehow give back the sugary sweet taste of your favourite doughnut to the stodgy mess you are baking.  (It doesn't by the way for those still tempted to try....)

For Mike and me the moment came at an expensive farmers' market in Otley. Clutching our ostrich burgers and plump wild boar sausages (traditional “bargain” impulse buys), we stumbled across a scruffy bloke with a stall selling “gluten-free” mixes for Yorkshire Pudding

These, it transpired, were knocked up in his kitchen in Halifax. 

Looking at his grey teeth and close together eyes, I wondered if he had begun his kitchen career cooking up something entirely different (crystal meth perhaps) but nevertheless to Mike it appeared we had stumbled upon the Holy Grail. 

Let me explain.

For countless Sundays before, Mike had risen early and begun experimenting.  Later, he could be found  pacing the floor adjacent to our cooker slowly waiting for his “Paleo” Yorkshire Puddings to rise. Oven temperature would be strictly controlled, lights dimmed, no talking  and woe betide anyone who accidentally opened the oven door without permission…….but you know, it never worked.  Without fail the Sunday roast would be served accompanied by shriveled burnt discs of hardened flatness but he did give it his best shot!

Back to Otley and on closer examination, it became apparent that the bloke from Halifax had made his yorkshires with maize starch instead of wheat flour.  Gluten-free, you why bother, you  ask?

I swear I saw Mike suck his teeth in disgust– to this day he denies it but it certainly ended our brief flirtation with “faileo paleo”.  Changing out a few ingredients and sticking the term paleo in front of what's left, is not always a recipe for success.  May be it's time for something new.

When you make a commitment to this life, there is no going back. Once you get past the bit where you feel sorry for yourself and the bit where you try to convert your previous meal schedule into Paleo this and paleo that then you begin to see what works and doesn’t work for you and life starts to become alive with possibility.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" 
from the Summer Day by Mary Oliver

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