Saturday, May 26

Spices are Magic!

Spices are magic...they allow us to take a set of every day ingredients on a world tour. They let us reinvent ingredients that can be mundane and familiar, giving them a depth of flavour that makes them distinctive and genuine and are an economic way of changing up your meat.
So what are you waiting for?

Turmeric and coriander whisk you to India and Pakistan, smoked paprika and golden saffron to Spain and the fabulous Iberian Peninsula, nutmeg and all spice to the Windward Islands, fish sauce to south east Asia, vanilla to Madagascar and Mexico.


In their simple forms, spices hang together in six main groups:

Coriander, Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, Allspice
Vanilla, Green Cardamom, Fennel Seed, Dill Seed
Cumin, Chilli, Ginger, Black Peppercorns
Saffron, Fenugreek, Black Cardamom, Nigella, Black Mustard Seeds, Paprika, Turmeric
Sumac, Amchoor, lime powder
A little goes a long way (overbearing)
Star Anise (divine), Cinnamon, Sichuan Peppercorns, Juniper Berries, Caraway, Pink Peppercorns, Dried Bay Leaves

Now get going!

PS Did you know that our national love affair with spices started back with the Normans in Medieval Times?  Our taste for the exotic continued with all the colonial "adventures" we have had as a nation and that's worth celebrating!  So let's get inspired, blow your mind and and take your family on a magical whistle stop food tour of our wonderful stop Iberian Peninsula!

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