Thursday, May 31

How Refined Carbohydrates Make Us Fat

Food can be complicated.  Period.  And to understand nutrition, it can feel like we need a degree in endocrinology - and not all of us have the time to study!  But to understand why we get fat, we do need a little understanding of what the food choices you make are doing to you, your mind  and your body.

So let's start here: how refined carbohydrates affect your body.

Refined carbohydrates are processed food: pasta, rice, white bead, white flour, donuts, cake, buns, sweets, cake again, breakfast cereal (especially special K)…..and lets get some perspective here, this food is the new kid on the block.

A generation ago we went to work on an egg (not literally you understand) but we knew the nutritional value of eggs and bacon and the like to see us through the morning.  Nowadays (in this faster society) we snatch a low-fat (read high sugar) breakfast bar, low – fat (read high sugar) yoghurt (muller lite anyone?) or instant porage oats in a sachet – no time, we say no time to eat a simple breakfast….

Here at paleo works we say “Get Real”.  That instant breakfast is making you fat! And here’s how!

You are eating a refined carbohydrate.  Because it has been processed, the effort of digesting the product (in its natural state) has been taken away.  You digest the product rapidly and you turn the product quickly into energy, (known as blood sugar) and into fuel for your body.

So far, so good.

Your blood sugar levels are regulated by the hormone insulin.  Rapidly digested carbohydrate foodstuffs are converted quickly into blood sugar in your body and cause a “spike” in your blood sugar levels.  Insulin (the regulating hormone) is fired out from the pancreas to deal with this unexpected guest by escorting it smartly round the body to find where it can best be used.

First stop the muscles – hey muscles do you need extra energy?! thanks all the same, we're not up to much these days (so we don't need much fuel) – have your tried the liver?

And so the insulin escorts the blood sugar round to the liver where surplus energy is stored as glycogen (a booster energy supply to call on in times of emergency) Don'tcha just  love your body and it’s ability well…to simply exist without even trying it's figured it all out for us.....Hey liver do you need more energy?  Hell no we’re jam packed with glycogen already, thanks all the same our glycogen stores are not being called on much these days ……..

And so insulin thinks Oh!  But this fuel has to go somewhere…what’s left?  Why fat stores of course.  Adipose tissue.  Never says no!  Always open, never closed.  Great.  And so insulin escorts the surplus fuel into your fat stores.  Stuffs it in in fact.  Crams it in fit to burst.  And slams the door shut, locks it and takes the key (for now) standing guard at the door.

We like this anaolgy.

So to reverse the process of putting on fat you have to find the key! and open the locked-in fat stores. You must learn how to prise out that fuel (stored as fat) and BURN IT, USE IT do whatever you have to do to shift it and make sure you do everything possible not to replenish those stores.

And stay away from that refined carbohydrate!  Keep it simple, make it real.  That's what gets you those results.

By now we hope you are good and angry with the food industry!  Now use that anger to fight back....and tell us what happens.  We love a happy ending!

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