Tuesday, May 29

Being Fat can Cause Dementia

dementia-caused-by-being-fatNot sexy and not hot but it's true: being fat can cause dementia.

Not Alzheimer's true - the cause of that is not yet fully understood though is known by many as Diabetes of the brain. On the other hand the roots of vascular dementia are well understood.  This is the second biggest cause of dementia in the UK (over 200,000 diagnosed)  and is caused by vascular disease.....caused when the blood supply to and within the brain is disrupted or damaged.  Blocked blood vessels and general damage to the vascular system..just like heart disease and just as debilitating.

Vascular disease can cause damage to any part of the brain - where ever the blood flow blockage occurs.  So depending on what part of the brain is damaged, you may lose cognitive function (such as perception), physical function or memory loss.  Like suddenly coming too in Tescos and not knowing for the life of you what money is for or where you are.

There is a crucial difference between vascular dementia and Alzheimer's and you need to know this.  The causes of vascular dementia are  in most cases preventable!

And that is, anything that causes the arteries to clog up  and stops the blood supply from flowing adequately: smoking, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, obesity, lack of regular exercise, hypertension you name it,  all those factors that can cause cardiac disease can cause this disease too.  Lifestyle factors increase the risk of heart disease and increase the risk of dementia.  According to the Alzheimer's Society, if you smoke you double your risk, if you have high blood pressure your risk is up to three times higher and your risk is further increased if you have diabetes.

Here, though is the good news.  Lifestyle changes may well reduce your risk, postpone and/or even prevent the onset of vascular dementia.  Don't think that dementia is inevitable....you do have a choice.  You need to change up the odds in your favour and actively reduce your risk: lose weight, quit smoking, drink responsibly and take regular exercise...it's not much is it?  And it's what our clients do at Paleo Works! It's easier than you think.

If you are reading this then, like us you are chasing optimal health.  If your Doctor has told you that you are at risk of heart disease then you are also at risk of vascular dementia.

We urge you to consider this: your lifestyle can affect your future.  You have the opportunity to make a difference every time you place food into your mouth and if you take only one thing away from this post make it this: being fat can cause dementia.


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I am choosing a healthy life style. I hope you do too.

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Thanks for continuing to get the word out about cognitive degeneration and lifestyle. I recently wrote about it, and put up a great video about diet and alzheimers...


It is starting to become evident that Alzheimer's might be like the diabetes of the brain. Yet another reason to limit your dietary sugar!!