Saturday, June 9

Primal Vices

For some of us, this is where we can get into trouble…….bear with me….

Many of us come to paleo hearing tales of how it is possible to eat as much as you like and lose weight and then keep that weight off as long as it is paleo food you consume  And for the majority of us it is true although with perhaps one important caveat…always be mindful of what you are eating and when you are eating to avoid overeating: eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Many people regularly eat beyond that point either out of habit, boredom, mindlessness or simply because they no longer have the ability to tell when they are full: their satiety meter is broken.  Don’t assume that overeating will stop when you start eating paleo.  You have to address this too.  The point with paleo food is that you have the tools to address this issue if you remain focused and mindful that overeating is likely to occur.  The food you are eating will satisfy your physical hunger and your taste buds will be ecstatic with the re-introduction of fat into your diet.  But the stressors of life will still crop up and that is when you can cross over from mindful eating and eating well to overeating: simply put, to consuming too much.  You don’t need it so don’t do it!

And if your weight loss has plateaued, we need to take a reality check and a look at what's going on…

If you want the full benefits of eating paleo you need to keep eating paleo!  Avoid "paleo pancakes" for breakfast that's right, those ones that have been slipping in flavoured with honey, wrapped up in cheese and bacon.  If you are making those kind of choices then we suggest you are still living in your past..stop trying to shoe horn your unhealthy habits into your new paleo life!  On top of that by continuing to eat in this way, you are losing all the great benefits of eating a breakfast of eggs and meat, or simple chicken broth or kippers.  Remember, your staple food while on a paleo diet will be meat, eggs, vegetables, good fats, some fruit a bit of dairy and there’s a huge difference between that and “paleo pizza” paleo waffles” “paleo cookies” “paleo fudge” (OK we made that last one up but you get the drift)?  And while there is a little room for all these meals on a paleo diet don’t eat them all at once or on a daily basis and think that it won’t affect your weight: because believe us – it will!

Do you love your paleo “treats”? Eating like this is counter productive and is yet another example of trying to shoe horn your previous food choice/patterns into your paleo life.  Dark chocolate before bed?  Bananas for tea,  sweet potatoes fried in the deep fat fryer (in coconut oil of course) with every meal, a pack of nuts mid-morning because they are healthier than a Mars Bar, a big bowl of greek yoghurt and fruit salad in the evening because its been a tough day at work.  And while for some, there is a place for paleo treats they can affect your ability to control your appetite.  And frequent indulgence will affect your body composition: are you eating it because you have genuine hunger?  If so adjust your fat content at meals.  What you want is momentum, the upswing that takes you away from your old food habits and poor choices that positive momentum that can drive you forward.

Finally re-assess your physicality.  Are you still challenging your body?  Intense exercise stimulates hormones within the body that help us build muscle and burn up fat.  High intensity interval training is the best exercise for this.  And the harder you train, the more that positivity will flood through and you will be taller, stronger, leaner and fitter because of it.

So what are you waiting for?  Primal vices look good – the internet is awash with sites that want to tempt us in a paleo way – for now turn your back and let them flow on by – you have bacon to render and chicken to fry..and good luck, we are with you every step of the way!