Sunday, December 11

Best Exercise for Fat Burn

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Exercise and fat burn go hand in hand right? Well that's what is commonly believed... So what's the best exercise for fat burn? Well experience has taught us that, in the end, exercise doesn't have that much to do with fat loss or fat burn (and yes, you may wish to rewind and re-read that sentence)!  We watched a show last night on television "Fat Families" (read: Fat Families review) have you seen it?  Shows like this and the biggest loser (do you remember that one - yes the one where Anne Diamond snuck off and had a gastric band fitted) convince us that the way to fat loss is to exercise more and eat less also known as starvation.  Exercise is used to create an even larger deficit in calories combined with a diet where calorie intake has been reduced to minimal levels.  This is starvation (and yes I wrote this twice).

Our bodies panic when we starve them causing STRESS: that is, elevated cortisol levels.  Our bodies wants us in balance (homeostasis) and are genetically programmed to achieve this.  When stress levels rise our bodies throw everything at the stressors to bring it back into balance.  Er.....sugary drink anyone?

So, it you want temporary fat burn with lot of stress and starvation, don't go paleo! If you want temporary fat loss with lots of stress and starvation, eat less and exercise more (conventional wisdom). If you still believe in the calories in calories out rubbish then go visit your local dietician or sign up to weight watchers, slimming world and the like who will be happy to place you on one of their programs. It is likely you will also be advised about the best exercise for fat burn. Then sit back and watch the fat bounce back making all that restriction utterly pointless...

Exercise has this fantastic potential to improve our health and wellbeing and our mental and emotional health but in the end, poor diet will always win because of the stress factor and the consequences. For example: exercise might help you fight your depression but your fantastic potential is compromised if you are eating a low fat diet. You see natural dietary fat along with protein are the fundamental building blocks of optimal health. Exercise might help you feel alive and connected but this will be temporary if massive swings in your blood sugar levels are knocking you down between meals.

Nutrition is the key.  Choose well as if your quality of  life and your future depended on it....because it does!

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive” 

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martha84 said...

Great post! We have very similar viewpoints, and I think you do an excellent job of conveying your information! You have me hooked, can't wait til I get an extra hour or so here to read the rest of your blog! Keep up the good work!

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Hey PaleoWorks i love your blog well done!

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